Portland's Best Restaurants 2016

"Laurelhurst Market has stripped away the pomp, artifice and overwrought decor from the classic steakhouse experience without trimming an ounce of quality. The restaurant earned its reputation behind a killer 12-hour smoked brisket and the kind of flavor-packed cuts – teres major, hanger, bavette – more established steakhouses have long overlooked in favor of filet mignon. Now run by chef Ben Bettinger, Laurelhurst Market has a justly famous charcuterie plate loaded with good pâté and rillettes, smoked oyster mushrooms with an oyster aioli, and playful sides like potato chip-crusted mac and cheese. Over the past two years, the menu has gotten more muscular, with bone marrow, beef tartare and fried oysters paired with beef carpaccio. As if this restaurant needed to prove its beefy bonafides, the meat counter up front isn't just for show: Browse it for tomorrow's dinner on your way out the door." 

—The Oregonian, May 2016


"Few experiences better sum up the unpretentious comfort of Portland's restaurant scene like Laurelhurst Market. You can easily spend $65 for a cocktail and a cut of meat, but you can do so dressed like you just finished pouring well whiskey at one of the area's many dive bars. It's a beautiful thing, but even more beautiful is the array of grass-fed beef and the many forms it takes under the steady hand of newish chef Ben Bettinger." —Pete Cottell

—Willamette Week, October 2015

Top 10 Best New Restaurants 2010

"Part steakhouse, part butcher shop, 100 percent ode to all things meat - this is "The Year In Food" distilled into a single restaurant. All the good steakhouse cliches (fun, raucous) without all the bad ones (super-expensive, boys' club)." —Andrew Knowlton

Bon Appetit Magazine, September 2010

2010 Rising Star of The Year: Laurelhurst Market

"...serious, butcher-driven, casual and sly enough to take the ranch and transport it to a sophisticated but informed urban setting...Laurelhurst Market is Portland at it's best, and we are sanguinely bullish on this rising Market" —Roger Porter

The Oregonian Newspaper Diner Guide, 2010


Best Restaurants 2009

"Few restaurants so beautifully exemplify Portland's jam-session creativity as this new eatery. Portland is a city of carnophiles. And as the weekend crowds attest, Laurelhurst Market is their new shrine - equal parts American brasserie, butcher counter, lunchtime sandwich shop, and neighborhood diner. It's a steak-house for the rest of us - and our favorite new restaurant of 2009." —Mike Thelin

Portland Monthly Magazine, November 2009


"Instead of lavish steakhouse theater, the mode is neighborhood friendly but casually polished, from the butcher counter up to the bustling, boot-strapping dining room. For experimenters, the teeny back bar is a lab for forward-thinking, he-man cocktails, the best of them a Tennessee whiskey chilled by one outsized ice cube that jumps with the flavor of wood smoke." —Karen Brooks

The Oregonian, October 2009